How to use the Antler Chandelier for Decorative Purposes

Concept of Antler Chandelier

The antler chandelier is more than perfect to decorate one’s house. This is also perfect for living room, dining room, bedroom, bar, cafe etc. The Deer antler chandelier serves very good purposes for decoration. As the name suggests the design is like the horns of a deer which gives the product an extreme artistic and antique looks. The design of the horns of a deer are particularly gives that elegant look which is eye catching. Real antlers are used to model the reproduction of an exact and comparable result. The creation process of the antler chandeliers uses a cast resin system which is time proven to ensure perfection in every piece that is made. Each antler is hand stained and antiqued for the achievement of exact comparable match to the real antler. This brings a perfect rustic decor to the place where it is kept. It can also be hanged to create the perfect and natural look in any room.

Antler Chandelier

Features, Availability and Prices

The attractive features of the Deer antler chandelier create an attraction in the mind of the people. The product is very durable and long lasting. There are generally four bulb slots and in some product it has six slots. Generally the slots range from two to six. The bulb is not generally included with the product. It needs to be purchased separately.

Antler Chandelier

The cleaning is very convenient and no such assembly of the product is required. Just the bulb needs to be put in the holder and then the chord needs to be plugged into a socket. The Deer antler chandelier is readily available in the market as per the demand. The price is bit high due to its antique nature and the perfect real design.