Do not ignore curtain size when purchase discount heat insulated curtain

Ms Lu buy a house in America and them going to purchase heat insulated curtain. Curtain seller tells she that the curtain size better two times as fabric size so that to get a perfect finished appearance with fold affect. For extra fabric is for fold design with which curtain more beautiful to look at. Double or payers are more beautiful. For ms Lu, her window is 3 meter that means she need to purchase 6 meter width of curtain size.

Costs more than you need

For second think, Ms Lu found what curtain seller said is right because Ms Lu bought the same size for her hotel before. And them she buys the heat insulated curtain according to what curtain stuffs told her. But Ms Lu find that her neighbor only used 4 meter to make the same curtain with great appearance. Ms Lu felt she was taken by the curtain seller. For which she thought she spends more 20 dollars than her neighbor in the same curtain.


Curtain fold design is not the same size

Reporters found that fabric used to make curtain is according to fixed proportion 2: 1 for which can make a great fold appearance. In order to have a good appearance of fold achievement, it is better to make curtain fabric with fixed proportion 2: 1. And most customers accept proportion 2: 1 suggestion. But expert says that there are some changes for custom curtain just base on what size you need, but not fixed. 1:2 proportion is perfect at but 1:1.5 is also great idea. But wast if there is 1:1.2.

insulated curtain

Curtain are an essential part in our life nowadays. There are thermal curtain styles for your choice. It is a big budget for curtain, to save money from your cost, knowing well about curtain after that to buy your curtain.